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How Do Online Slot Machines Work?

A lot of our favorite things have been cancelled in 2020. If your trip to Vegas – or even your local casino – can’t go ahead, you might be thinking about online gambling instead.

Maybe you’ve got a few questions. Will it provide the same thrill? And how the heck do online slot machines actually work? Maybe you’re even wondering if there’s any way to fix them.

Online Slot Machines: Ruled By The Random Number Generator

Unless you’re very new to gambling, you probably know what a slot machine looks like. They have several spinning reels with symbols on. To win, you need to get a “payline” of symbols that results in a win, running across the reels.

Just like real slot machines, online slot machines like those on Kazoom are designed to produce random results. You might think that if someone’s just won the jackpot, you can’t win it too – but that’s not how random number generators work

There’s always the same chance of any given result, regardless of any previous results … or any other factors, like the time of day, the number of players online, or even whether you’re wearing your lucky shirt.

You can’t “fix” an online slot machine to get the result you want, however much you might hope to.

There are loads of different themes for online slot machines. You can find some with traditional symbols (like stars, numbers, cherries, oranges,